Self Portrait Project, Day 18 | “The Writer”

I’ve been writing a lot, napping a lot and not taking pictures, so that’s why my self portrait project took a little break in the last few days.


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Self Portrait Project Day 10 | “Polka Dots”

Today I actually decided to dress nice for class rather than wear a sweater and jeans. Plus I knew I would be taking a photo of myself, of course. My plan for today was to take my photo on the top floor of the parking garage where I park for class, but I took some insurance shots in the back yard before I left just in case something didn’t work out. It was good that I did. It turned out to be super bright, super windy, and impossible to see the camera screen so really hard to get the shot framed properly. I didn’t take a lot of shots at home, so I only had a few to choose from. This one ended up being the best. Enjoy my resting bitch face. :)


What I learned during this shoot:

  • Have a backup plan!

Outfit details: Dress, thrifted. Sweater, Target. Necklace, Rue 21. Shoes, Unr8ed.

(PS: I get no monies for you clicking on anything, I just wanted to share because the boots are actually brand new and they were cheap.)

Self Portrait Project Day 9 | “Depression 2”

A hard one to post today. I definitely did not want to have my photo taken. I don’t have any makeup on and I didn’t want to put any on. I didn’t have any ideas about how to make an interesting photo without my face in it, which was what I did yesterday.  And full disclosure, I slept all day, with only a few breaks to get up and have breakfast and lunch. When I finally got all the way up and left the house for cigarettes, I realized I needed to take a photo for today or I would really regret it tomorrow.

I thought about using a photo I took on Saturday, out the window of the car of myself in the mirror, but I didn’t want to cheat. This project is about pushing myself, and the blog is about talking through what I feel, and being honest, so why not just do a very raw, close up portrait of me at my worst. So here it is, raw depressed me, no makeup and hair a mess, having slept for almost 18 hours straight. So many of you guys who read know this struggle, so I know you will appreciate what it took to post this. Thanks for reading and looking.


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Self Portrait Project Day 7 – “Silhouette”


Decided to pump up the volume today and do something outside my comfort zone. I have a very prominent nose, and a sloppy bun, and honestly neither bothers me, so I thought I would utilize both today in a side view silhouette. I haven’t ever done any types of shots like this before. I did a lot of terrible trial and error, thinking I could just figure it out, before going to the YouTubes and getting help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

What I learned:

  • Hide a light behind you and shoot in a dark room to create a silhouette.
  • Having the light concentrated in one direction is best, although I was unable to do this and just used an open bulb.

I wanted it to turn out like those side view silhouettes you do in grade school where the teacher outlines your shadow on a piece of black construction paper and I think I definitely got the look I was going for.

Full disclosure, I did do this last night since the lights were already set up from my earlier adventure in lighting and it was dark outside. I didn’t want to have to wait all day for night time and not get the shot. But it was pretty late, so close enough.

Self Portrait Project, Day Six – “Ivy”


Nikon D5200, Sigma 70-300mm lens, 135 mm, ISO-125, F/4.2, 1/15

Well today, I didn’t get to do my photo in the daylight because I was writing and writing and writing for NaNoWriMo, so I had to take it in the house. Eek. Turned out okay. I used some simple studio lighting we just recently got. I can’t really talk about them nor do I know much about them. Which leads me to my one simple thing I learned today during my shoot –

  • Figure out how to use your studio lighting setup!

By the way, the ivy backdrop is our unfortunate living room wallpaper. You’re welcome.