Flashback Friday | My First SLR Camera

Back in December of 2004 I got my first film SLR camera. It was just a simple camera, but to me, it was everything. Below are some photos I took with it in January of 2005. I’ve been thinking about getting that camera out of storage actually and shooting with film for fun. I think it needs a battery but otherwise I have no reason to think it wouldn’t work. In the past I’ve shot with disposable cameras for fun. It’s so different than what we’re used to nowadays with the immediate gratification of the screen on the back of a digital camera.

I remember when I had this camera I followed a lot of photographers on DeviantArt and was always so jealous of their DSLR cameras. Back then it didn’t seem like it would ever be reasonable for me to own one. Then I got a job taking photos for my college newspaper and had access to one, which was amazing. Now I live in a household with three of them. But I still never got as creative with my photography as I remember those photographers I loved were.





Road Trip, Sunrise & A Kitten

So I’ve been pretty vague as of yet in my videoblog about how my trip to visit my dad & stepmom Ellen went. And I didn’t write any blog posts while I was there or anything. The drives were fine, long but I kept myself entertained (see here and here for those videos).

I visited with my grandpa and grandma while I was there. They’re both on hospice and not doing too great. Grandpa had colon cancer last year which was treated but now there’s not anything else they can do.  He’s up there in age, somewhere in his early 90’s. He still has all his mental facilities though, so he knew who I was and was happy to see me. Which surprised me and was nice, he’s always been a little bit critical here and there and usually not overly excited about much. My grandma, on the other hand, has dementia and didn’t know who I was. We didn’t bother trying to tell her. She did know me last time, sort of. They were still up and active then, back when Nicole and I both visited. I’m not sure when that was exactly. A while back.

On a much lighter note, my stepmom Ellen and I are so alike it’s hilarious. She and I are both listmakers and writers and we both have a million notebooks all around us at all times. I found out she likes to art journal too, which is my newfound hobby, and she gave me an extra book she had to use for an art journal. She has a giant art studio that puts all art studios to shame. I’m always so jealous of it when I go visit!

I got to see my little brother, who unfortunately didn’t want to be in my Sunday with Friends video with me, but that’s okay. We hung out at his house with his very well behaved and adorable pit bull Rosko who puts all my dogs to shame. We watched Star Wars Episode 3, I guess he’s gearing up for the new one. I barely remembered it. I worry about him a little, out there all by himself, but I know he has a lot of friends, more than me, and he seems to be like the rest of the family anyway and likes keeping to himself at home.

One morning I was up very early and despite the blistering cold temperatures, I took some photos of the sunrise. And this hilarious new kitten Dad & Ellen have. Here they are.


Driving Through Depression No. 9

Our first drive of 2016! The photos were taken right after we had chinese food on the 1st (my new year’s day tradition). There would probably be more and better photos, but I ate myself into a stupor. Actually I seriously over ate and I was pretty ill for most of the drive, but I hung in there and took these photos.

Enjoy and don’t forget to be awesome,



Flashback Friday | Ghosts of Christmas Past

This would have been split into two different posts, but the hospital happened.


My second Christmas, just after my first birthday. 1985.

1986 11986 2

Those toys are called Moondreamers, and I still have them, no joke. 1986.


This might be the most hilarious photo I’ve seen in a long time. I love everything about it. 1987.


This is another toy I still have, the Precious Moments Magic Key Mansion. 1988.


This was the year I made my first Christmas album. This is one of the photos I made my brother David take for me for the album cover. 2004.

2005 2


This was the year I got a giant jar of pickles for Christmas, and also the year I got my first SLR camera, which is what the first photo was taken with. 2005.


This year I didn’t have a photos of actual Christmas, but this day I went out for drinks with friends before we all left for the holidays. 2006.


This year, we decorated one of the school Christmas trees with FSM stuff so it would be inclusive of all religions. 2007.


This was the first Christmas I had a dog. 2009.

2011 12011 2

Maybe my favorite Christmas ever, the first one Nicole & I spent together. I love all the photos of us from this year. 2011.

2012 22012

Our first Christmas with Belle and my first Christmas as a wife. 2012.

2013 12013 2

Low key Christmas. 2013.


The only Christmas-y photo I could find from last year, me with a giant Christmas T-Rex. 2014.


Abandoned No. 8 | Building

I’m not sure what the abandoned building is. I couldn’t get in to take a closer look because it was surrounded by a barbed wire fence.

I’ve been holding on to old abandoned pictures we took because we haven’t had a chance to go looking for new stuff. Hopefully these will last until we take some more serious photo adventures. But if the abandoned posts become less frequent, that’s why.