Frivolous Wants | Valentine’s Edition


Perfect. From Crumple + Toss.

i love sharks modcloth

My real Valentine is a shark. From Modcloth.


Lolforever. From Crumple + Toss.

love bills torrid.jpg

All too true. From Torrid.


Cute heart-print shoes. From Keds.


We got married in New York. From Target.

i love photo frame modcloth

Sweet picture frame. From Modcloth.



Frivolous Wants | Torrid Edition

I haven’t done a frivolous wants post in a while, so I decided to keep it simple this week and just go hunting for things from one store. I picked Torrid. I’m not going to link every individual item, they can all be found through that link to the main site.


A very good sentiment.


This sweater looks cozy.


I’m still loving pastels. I have a wedding to go to in April, I think this dress would be magical.


A weird little purse that looks like a perfume bottle. I think this would be cute with that pink lacy dress.


I love cats, what can I say?


I like to think I could pull this off.


So I’m not a serious Daryl fan girl but this shirt is fun and I always think I need Walking Dead shirts, has anyone noticed?


I never really liked shoes like these before, but I think they would fit into my wardrobe nicely right now.


I love yellow.


I wish I owned more printed socks. I used to have an Alice in Wonderland pair but I lost one of them. I think these Ariel socks would be just as cool.

Frivolous Wants | Powerball Edition

Funny that if I won the billion dollar Powerball jackpot, I actually wouldn’t be all that frivolous with it. But here are a few things I would do with that 1.whatever billion dollars anyway. Once I paid off my debt, of course.

Comment question of the day: what would you do with the Powerball jackpot?


I really want to travel. This little Airstream travel trailer is just adorable and the perfect size for us. From Airstream.

ninja blend.png

Mom swears by this blender and her morning smoothies. From Ninja.

craftbox storage.png

Gotta have a place to store all the stuff I’m going to have to buy for art journaling and whatnot. From The Original ScrapBox.

nikon wide angle lens.png

And while we’re talking about arts, let’s hit up a camera lens. I still want a wide angle. From Nikon.


Let’s throw in a big beautiful iMac to edit all those photos. From Best Buy.

Also on my list, but not really linkable:

  • Violin lessons.
  • Dog training for Dolly.
  • A new living room TV. (The current one is about to go out. This is Nicole’s department though, so I’m not even going to try to look.)
  • Stands for our washer and dryer. (Also Nicole’s department.)
  • A real haircut. (I cut my own hair.)
  • Ad space on a few blogs I like.
  • A new wardrobe from Torrid.








Frivolous Wants | Anti-New Year’s Resolutions Edition

I thought of all the common resolutions I could and instead of finding nice stuff that will help you, I found stuff that was on the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m not trying to deter you from your resolutions, don’t get me wrong, just thought this would be more fun. :)

cigarette case

This is a lovely cigarette case. From Poppenkraal.

lung ashtray

Ironic lung ashtray. From Anatomology.

take naps tank.jpg

I’m not even ashamed. From Funny Shirts Galore.

funny clock.jpg

This clock is almost perfect. From Lazy Little Lucky Girl.

taco lapel pin.jpg

I felt like it was really necessary to include a taco.  From The Headrush.

beer lapel pin.jpg

Don’t let the beer get away! From YesterdaysCo.


I don’t drink wine often but these giant wine glasses make me laugh every time. From Home Wet Bar.

my dysfunctions journal.jpg

I’ve always liked this dysfunctions journal (and all the ones like it). From Barnes & Noble.

Frivolous Wants | Gold Edition

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner and since I’ve been loving all things gold lately, I thought this week’s frivolous wants post would include stuff that’s gold and glittery.

As usual, I am not affiliated with any of the merchants listed, I just like to share stuff that I like.


I almost bought a scarf and hat set like this one, but the scarf was a regular scarf, not a circle one. I couldn’t find the hat online. From Old Navy.


Make your own letter charm necklace. I want this yesterday. From Forever21.



These shoes are the best. From Keds.


I love my coffee mugs. From Sweet Elodie Grace.


Those sequins, though. From Forever21.


Yes, I am a member of the RBF club. That’s resting bitch face, if you weren’t sure. From Fresh Baked Paper Goods.


Loving mint & gold right now. From So Gloss.


Still on the hunt for the perfect wallet. I almost posted this one last week, but I couldn’t choose between this and lavender. I’ve also been on a pastel kick lately. But if I get a gold wallet, my purse/wallet combo will be mint & gold. Perfect. From Target.


Some journal love. From Barnes and Noble.


Frivolous Wants | Grown Up Christmas List Edition

Dear Santa…


I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share this pillow. It’s just too awesome. I loved Brad Pitt when I was young so this fills my heart with joy. From ReplaceFace.

gopro 3-way mount

This 3-way GoPro mount is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s a selfie stick and a tripod in one tiny package! It would be perfect for my Vlog 365 project. From GoPro.


It is completely unfathomable to me that this is a camera bag. I want an all the time purse that I can safely put my camera in. This is perfect. From Jo Totes.


gopro hot shoe mount

Another GoPro mount that I’ve been wanting for a while, this one mounts to the top of your DSLR camera where you would normally put a flash. This would be so cool for events. I think I may get one before Visioncon in February since I’m doing photo and video for them, that way, I can just be doing both at once. From B&H Photo.

torrid stiletto jean

I love Torrid’s jeggings, I wear my pair all the time. I need another pair though. I like the zipper ankles on these. From Torrid.


I used to use Roxio to edit my videos and for whatever reason, I still feel like it’s the software I need to use. I know I won’t get this, I don’t need the whole suite. I’ll probably get some freeware that will let me do a little more with my videos for Vlog 365. From Roxio.

pink ukulele

I think it’s time to add a ukulele to my ridiculous collection of instruments I never play. Also because my sister and I keep talking about starting a ukulele cover band. But we need ukuleles to do that. I love this pink one! From Musician’s Friend.


I actually got this and finally, I have a Harry Potter t-shirt again! From Target.

juicy pink wallet

I’m in the market for a new wallet. From Kohls. I also really likgold arrow wallet.jpg

I also really love this one. From Target.


Another completely perfect camera bag that is also a purse. I’ve been feeling the pastels lately. From Jo Totes.




Frivolous Wants | Sweater Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – sweater time!



Textured knit raglan sweater in gray from Forever 21.


Tasseled funnel neck poncho from Forever 21.


Moab in the Morning sweater from Modcloth.

plaid drape front cardigan

Plaid drape front cardigan from Torrid.

sky and mighty

Sky & Mighty sweater from Modcloth.

sweet as cider

Sweet as Cider sweater in cinnamon from Modcloth.

tardis sweater from torrid

Doctor Who Tardis sweater from Torrid.

yellow cardigan

Charter School cardigan in honey from Modcloth.


Hold Me Deer sweater from Rue 21.

Frivolous Wants | Exaltation Edition (with coupon code)

Last week in my frivolous wants post, I featured a very cool serotonin necklace. I contacted Jen, the lovely lady who created the piece at her shop Exaltation and she offered a coupon code for readers of the blog. Thank you Jen!

There’s tons of great stuff in her shop, so I thought a bonus frivolous wants post was in order.

Use the coupon code GIVEAWAY10 for 10% off anything at Exaltation.

And just a bit about the shop:

Exaltation’s mission is to create meaningful gifts and inspirational custom jewelry that is uniquely expressive. Through fully personalized statement pieces including quotes, mantras, affirmations, symbols and names, you can let your jewelry express your personality, or act as a personal reminder to stay present and positive.

5% of all sales go to help make the world a better place, usually via water accessibility causes and women’s rights causes around the world.

And now, shopping time!

camera necklace

I think this camera necklace is definitely my new favorite thing.

coffee molecule necklace

So you guys saw the serotonin molecule necklace already. How about one for caffeine?

expecto patronum.jpg

I’m a sucker for all things Harry Potter.

all mad here

I’m also a sucker for all things Alice.


No idea why I like stuff that says wifey so much.

xo stud earrings

Cute XO stud earrings.

fortune coffee mug

She also has coffee mugs! This one is my favorite.

adventurers pillow

And pillows, like this one.

set your soul on fire

And lots of art prints, like this one.


Just in case you missed it the first time, that coupon code is GIVEAWAY10 for 10% off anything at the store. Go check it out!

Frivolous Wants | Birthday Edition

Tomorrow is my birthday! These are the things I would buy myself if I had a ton of money to spare and was able to buy myself presents.


Mom just bought this coffee bar and it is the coolest. It makes your regular old coffee in a mug, travel mug or carafe, then it can also do over-ice and ‘specialty brew’, which is something like espresso for making fancy coffee drinks. I’ve used it and it’s awesome. From Ninja.

Soundhole Pickup

I have a pickup for my guitar, but recording with it is a nightmare. I have a tiny little mixing board, so I could be doing super cool stuff, but my current pickup is a mess and has something wrong with it. I need a new one so I can record better quality covers. From Guitar Center.


I currently have two TWD t-shirts – one is a bit snug on me and the other is I think a big & tall 3X. I’m in need of one that fits properly. From Hot Topic.

hogwarts alumni t-shirt.jpg

I have always wanted a Hogwarts Alumni t-shirt but have never gotten one. From Hot Topic.


I have always wanted to rock a Macbook. From Apple.


I’ve been shopping for a fun vintage teapot for a while and haven’t found one. But I do like this new simple white one. From Target.

seratonin necklace

I favorited this Serotonin molecule necklace a long time ago on Etsy. From Exaltation.

combat boots from target

My current pair of combat boots are falling apart. I like these, and they’re cheap. I might actually get these. From Target.

2016 planner from target

I’m going to need a new planner for my blog in a month. This one is cute. From Target.


As usual, clicking on any links will not make me any monies, I just like to share. Although, hey Target, you should totally sponsor my blog.









Frivolous Wants: Cooking Edition

With the holidays upon us, I thought it would be a perfect time to post fun kitchen stuff in this week’s Frivolous Wants post.

Enjoy & don’t forget to be awesome (in the kitchen)!


Donut Care Mug from Fox & clover

But first, coffee. You know I love my mugs. By Fox & Clover.

mr. tea infuser

Or tea, if you prefer. By Fred & Friends.

ice cream kitchen timer

I like fun kitchen timers, but alas, I don’t own one. From Fish Pond.

toucan opener

I have wanted this Toucan can opener since the first time I saw it. And a fact about me – I refuse to use electric can openers. By Animal House Collection.

Peeping Cat Apron

This looks just like our cat Tunechi! By JolyonYates.


Love these salt & pepper shakers. The other side has drawings of a salt and pepper shaker, which I find to be ironic. By Kate Spade.


Plate sets are tricky for me. We’ve never found a set we both really loved, so we’ve actually never bought a set for ourselves and we use Nicole’s very first set from when she moved out on her own. This is what happens when you elope and no one buys you wedding gifts. lol. But I do like these, they’re pretty. From Target.


Mom just bought herself a fancy new blender and is pretty much living on smoothies. I’m jealous, so I had to throw in this really expensive blender. If I remember correctly from my barista days, this is the blender Panera uses and it’s a beast. By Blendtec, at Macy’s.


I think I would cook all day every day if I had these teal pots and pans. I love them. By Rachael Ray.


I love everything about this oven  mitt. By Kate Spade.

hers & hers hi-ball glasses

And in case you want a drink with dinner, this lesbian-friendly hi-ball glass set. By Kate Spade.


Just a note – I get no monies from you clicking on anything, I just like to share!