Creepy Cat Lady

Just a little drawing from a few months ago.

Creepy Cat Lady


Coping Skills: Drawing T-Rexes


One of my favorite activities is drawing T-Rexes.  It’s really just the same T-Rex over and over, but with different clothes and doing different activities.  I draw myself as a T-Rexes, celebrities as T-Rexes, holiday T-Rexes.  It’s silly but I love it.  I’m not good at cartooning, but that doesn’t matter.  And that’s one of the fun things about coping skills.  It doesn’t have to be something you’re good at, just something that makes you happy and you have fun doing.

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How Fantasy Football Helped My Bipolar Disorder


This season I started following football for the first time.  I liked football before, but I didn’t have a team to root for which made getting into the games pretty hard.  So I tried fantasy football, which two of my former bosses were really into.  It was the highlight of my fall by far, and it gave me a great consistent anchor for my week.  Even when I was depressed, I spent those Sundays (and some Thursdays and Mondays) watching games and watching my fantasy team score points.  Sometimes, I even got excited enough to shout at the tv like a not-so-depressed person.

Why Peytonsaurus?  Peyton Manning was my fantasy QB and by far what kept my fantasy team in good standing throughout the season.  I am quite grateful to him and his many, many fantasy points.  I ended up third seed out of eight, not bad for a beginner.  If you’re interested in playing fantasy football next season, there are lots of options and it’s easy to learn.  I played at

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Whether you’re watching for your favorite team, the delicious snacks or the commercials, have a good time.