Videoblog 27/365 | Top Ten Musicals

Starting a new feature on the videoblog. Every Wednesday I’ll be posting a top ten list. Today’s list is my top ten favorite musicals. If you have any favorite musicals that didn’t make my list comment and let me know so I can listen to them!


Videoblog 26/365 | The Liebster Award!

Thank you so much to You’re Not Alone In This World for the nomination! In this video I answer the questions posed to me and give eleven facts about myself.

I’m unsure right now of what blogs to nominate so I’ll have to do that in a future post.

Don’t forget to comment with questions for future Q&A Tuesday videos.

Videoblog 17-18/365

These were both really quick ones. I’ve been doing them later in the evening for a number of reasons. Today is Q&A Tuesday, please leave questions for me in the comments!


Videoblog 17/365 | Sunday Without Friends

Videoblog 18/365 | Quick Update