The Documented Life Project | The unPlanner

I found the coolest thing this week researching art journaling – the Documented Life Project unPlanner. It’s like an art journal, planner, list-making, life-documenting thing all in one that you create yourself throughout the year with printables and prompts. If you would like more info or are interested in participating you should check out their site here.

To get the prompts and participate it costs just a dollar a month, so twelve dollars total and you get all the printables and prompts and access to a fun community on Facebook that has already started gearing up for this life documenting journey. I’m in no way affiliated, I paid for my membership and will be buying a few supplies in the next few days. I’ll be mostly, though, working with stuff I already have since I don’t have a lot of money to spend, which is something you can do too. I can’t wait to get started when this thing kicks off on January 2nd with the first prompt!

I’m a little worried about myself and the amount of projects I’m starting here at the beginning of the year. I’m in a good place right now, a really great place actually, and I’m hoping it will stick with me for at least a month as I get the ball rolling on my Vlog365 (daily videoblog), the unPlanner and all my recovery & treatment goals. I know there is a downward slide in my future, that’s just the nature of bipolar disorder, but I’m hoping that all these great projects I’m starting will act as good coping skills to keep me busy. But if in a month I start talking about spending all my time in bed rewatching The Walking Dead for hours on end, you’ll know what happened.

The unPlanner isn’t really a daily activity, so that does put my mind at ease. The prompts are weekly, so it’s something I can do in one day out of my week if I want to. The list of my daily activities, though, is becoming long. Videoblog, chores, journaling, art journaling, support group and blogging. But I’m looking at all these as positive things that will keep me busy. I just hope against hope I won’t have to get a proper job so I can keep up this super fun schedule I’ve created for myself. It really has been great having so many things to do during my long days alone. And the other thing about the unPlanner that’s cool is  there’s a community of people sharing and being creative on social media so although I’ll be working at home alone, I’ll be part of that community. It’s the same with the blog and videoblogging – I’m sharing online and being part of a community of bloggers and videobloggers so it makes me feel less isolated and alone.

One more time, if you want to participate in the Documented Life Project click over and check them out!