Who are you?

I’m Carly and I’m a 31 year old lady living in Missouri.  I have a supportive wife Nicole and yes, I did say wife, and yes, we are legally married.  We hit three years in March.  We have three little ones. Belle, or Grandma Belle, is our oldest, she’s an eight year old Great Dane rescue.  Tunechi (TOON-chee) is our two year old black cat named after the rapper Lil Wayne and no, it’s not because he’s black but because he has a ridiculous attitude.  Our youngest  is Dolly, or Dolly-san, a one-year-old puppy my wife rescued off the side of the road with her three brothers and sisters.


What is this?

Mental Dinosaurs is a lifestyle blog with a twist. It is my opportunity to share my recovery process and also to connect with others who have dealt with or are dealing with mental health issues.  It is an opportunity to hear one perspective of what living with this illness is like.

Also included are posts on cooking, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, fashion, my frivolous wants and photography. Click the above ‘features’ tab to see some of the posts that are featured weekly.

Why should I listen to what you have to say?

Mental illness can be very lonely.  If you also have Bipolar, or another mental illness, hearing about what other people go through can be nice.  Also, my life can be pretty amusing.  And did I mention lots of photos?

What Does Mental Dinosaurs Mean?

Before I was diagnosed, my wife noticed my severe mood swings and made a joke of them.

She said, “You know those toy T-Rexes, the robot ones that walk for a little while then all of a sudden stop and roar?  Well that’s what you do.  Everything’s fine and then you stop and roar for no reason.  You’re a T-Rex.

And so, in the most natural way possible, I started referring to myself as a T-Rex whenever I was in a bad mood.  It made light of a very bad situation, and very bad moods.  It’s a lot easier to say “I feel like a T-Rex today” instead of “I’m so angry and annoyed and frustrated and I would like you to leave me alone for the rest of eternity.”  So it started with the T-Rex and other dinosaurs were added as moods changed.

What is your current treatment plan?

I used to take Depakote for mood stabilization and Effexor for depression but as of April 2015 I was taken off the Effexor and Zoloft and Abilify were added. Funny story, I thought of Abilify as the Louis Vuitton of the crazy med world because there was literally no substitute when I started and it was hella expensive. Now there is a generic and I am grateful.

I will be starting therapy and support groups again hopefully soon.  I did both before but stopped when I got a full time job on top of my part time teaching gig.

What do you struggle most with?

Productivity, or lack thereof.

Also self-criticism.  I am my own worst enemy, and I’m very hard on myself.  I don’t ever think I’m good enough.  I’m learning to ignore that persistent critical voice.

I’m also still struggling to accept my diagnosis.

What else can you tell us about yourself?

I have a Masters in Music Composition and I teach at a local university part time. I have an online shop on Etsy called Quirky Mugs where I sell my own mug designs as well as vintage mugs and clothing. I also resell in our flea market booth and online through Amazon FBA.  I love to crochet and hate cleaning house.

Contact Me!

Shoot me an email at carly456@gmail.com or connect with me on social media!

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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