Purple Hair DIY Fail

So I thought I’d share the story of my failed purple hair. 

A week ago today, completely on a whim, I bought some purple hair dye at the drug store. Nicole, who prefers my hair long and brown, was surprisingly on board. We went with Splat hair color. It comes with bleach and dye together. I was hesitant to ruin my hair with bleach, but I knew it would get a better outcome. 

So bleach went on my hair and my inch of roots took it like a champ, bleaching surprisingly light. The rest of my hair turned out a dark red, which was lighter than my old color. I was left with something of a skunk stripe with my roots being so light. Ridiculous. So I put on the purple, which was way thicker than any dye I’ve ever used and left it on for an hour, longer than required. My roots ended up splotchy purple and seriously nothing else happened. Total fail. 

Sunday I woke up and as soon as Sally’s opened I got Manic Panic dye in Ultra Violet, which is recommended by a lot of people. They are able to get purple on even on dark hair without bleaching. So I dived in straight away and had the most thorough and careful hair dye ever, because I didn’t want trashy splotchy color. I left the dye on for six hours, twice the time recommended by my favorite blogger who dyes her hair alternative colors. Nicole and I were having a few beers and great conversation so that’s the reason it took so long actually. 😀

Here’s me with the Manic Panic head. Looks like it’s totally going to work, right?

Wrong. It came out purpley at the roots and a brown red on the rest of my head. Here are some pics in different lights. 

So now I have a serious inner debate going. Keep bleaching til I’m light enough for real purple and potentially other colors after that or give up and dye back brown. Pros and cons of bleach city: cons-my hair will be damaged, it will only be two months until I have to go back to a natural color for my brother in law’s wedding, upkeep on this type of hair is tricky; pros-fun colored hair is so damn pretty and I want it! 

What do you guys think? Should I keep trying or give up and rescue my hair before it’s too late?


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