Frivolous Wants | Torrid Edition

I haven’t done a frivolous wants post in a while, so I decided to keep it simple this week and just go hunting for things from one store. I picked Torrid. I’m not going to link every individual item, they can all be found through that link to the main site.


A very good sentiment.


This sweater looks cozy.


I’m still loving pastels. I have a wedding to go to in April, I think this dress would be magical.


A weird little purse that looks like a perfume bottle. I think this would be cute with that pink lacy dress.


I love cats, what can I say?


I like to think I could pull this off.


So I’m not a serious Daryl fan girl but this shirt is fun and I always think I need Walking Dead shirts, has anyone noticed?


I never really liked shoes like these before, but I think they would fit into my wardrobe nicely right now.


I love yellow.


I wish I owned more printed socks. I used to have an Alice in Wonderland pair but I lost one of them. I think these Ariel socks would be just as cool.


Videoblog 27/365 | Top Ten Musicals

Starting a new feature on the videoblog. Every Wednesday I’ll be posting a top ten list. Today’s list is my top ten favorite musicals. If you have any favorite musicals that didn’t make my list comment and let me know so I can listen to them!

Videoblog 17-18/365

These were both really quick ones. I’ve been doing them later in the evening for a number of reasons. Today is Q&A Tuesday, please leave questions for me in the comments!


Videoblog 17/365 | Sunday Without Friends

Videoblog 18/365 | Quick Update

Sounds of Sunday | Julia Nunes

I have loved Julia Nunes for a very long time. I went to one of her living room concerts, hearing her perform live made me cry and she signed my shirt. Anyway, she came out with a new album last year and I just got it. It’s called Some Feelings and it’s amazing. Here are two songs from the album for your listening pleasure. Make Out is my favorite song of the moment. I listen to it at least three times a day. If you want more to listen to, Fondly Enough and Don’t Feel are also really great. Don’t Feel has a really cool music video.

Featured image from

Make Out – Julia Nunes from the album Some Feelings

Something Bad – Julia Nunes from the album Some Feelings

Revisiting My January Goals & Schedule

I made a list of January goals on the 2nd and I was thinking now would be a good time to revisit those goals. My mood is sinking fast. I’ve gone from a solid ten at the end of December and beginning of January down to a four in recent days. This is no good. I’ve been trying to fill my time with distractions, watching Nurse Jackie in the afternoons since afternoons are the toughest time for me. But I need to see what other things I could be doing to keep myself out of this slump. Yay coping skills.

My daily schedule also needs to be tweaked I think. It’s been hard for me to fill those afternoons, so I need that part of my schedule to be a little more solid each day. A lot of days I just schedule the morning and leave the afternoon, which is the most crucial time, to be open, which is not helpful.

Okay, first the goals:

  • Videoblog daily.
    • I’ve stuck with this but it’s getting harder.
  • The unPlanner
    • I’ve also been working in my unPlanner.
  • Art Journal every other day.
    • This one I haven’t been doing consistently.
  • Recovery and treatment goals.
    • The only one here I’m not doing is I’m not active enough.
  • One crochet project.
    • Putting this one off.
  • Read four books.
    • Currently reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, but it’s slow going. I think this is one I should focus on, since it will take up a good portion of time and can fill those long afternoons.
  • Track moods.
    • I do this every day in my unPlanner.
  • Visit Dad, Ellen & David.
    • Completed.

And my daily schedule, if I’m going to be completely honest with myself, has lately been looking something like this.

  • 8:00 | Journal, Meds, Meditation, Motivational video
  • 8:30 | Mess around on the computer.
  • 9:00 | Do enough chores to skate by.
  • 9:30 | Reluctantly shower.
  • 10:00 | More time on the computer, sometimes blogging, sometimes working on the unPlanner, sometimes watching videos.
  • 11:30 | Support Group, though the time varies, is usually sometime around here.
  • 1:30 | Lunch
  • 2:00 | Videoblog.
  • 3:00 | This is when I stop doing anything productive and start moping about until Nicole gets home. The last few days I’ve watched Netflix here.
  • 6:30 | Nicole gets home and we have dinner.
  • 7:00 | Finish uploading and posting the videoblog if I haven’t already.
  • 8:00 | Bedtime-ish.

So I definitely see some trouble spots typing this up. The afternoon is tough, which I already knew. I’m better at keeping myself occupied in the morning though it’s not always with something particularly productive. I think that’s okay though. Right now I need to focus not on super productivity but on keeping myself occupied in general around every turn. I don’t mind falling back on Netflix in the afternoon. But I know there are other things I’d like to be doing, like reading and art journaling. Maybe I should alternate between watching an episode of a show and doing one of those things. Just bounce around more with what I’m doing. I think that could work. I would also like to be going to the gym, which takes up about an hour, in the afternoon. I’m not scared of the gym anymore. I put it in my schedule every day but I didn’t do it at all this week. So I think that will take up some more time too.

Okay, I think I have a plan of action. Gym in the afternoon, followed by Netflix, reading and art journaling. In the mornings I think I’ll keep with how things are going, although I’d like to shower right when I wake up. I did that for a week and it sets my day to an easier start since I don’t have to mess with it later in the morning when I’m awake enough to realize how much I hate to shower. :)

Comment question: if you set some January goals how are they coming along?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to be awesome,