Driving Through Depression No. 3

You know what time it is. Time for your weekly dose of driving through depression. Last weekend we took our travels north, ran into a lake, lots of old stuff, porno under a bridge (not kidding) and of course, cows.

I love the fall like everyone else and so of course it’s been really cool to be able to see the leaves changing colors these last few weeks. We’re having a heavy rain today (on Halloween, I know) and so I’m worried that we’ll lose a lot of leaves before they get to the peak of color, since they haven’t gotten there yet. I’m worried about things looking too plain in the winter for good photos if we continue our driving adventures, but at the same time, maybe we’ll see things we never would have even been able to spot if they were covered in weeds and leaves.

On future adventures: Nicole has a friend who has the inside scoop on some abandoned places actually inside the city limits. I’m really excited to get the scoop. Hopefully more abandoned posts coming soon with help from her. Also we’re looking into the purchase of a wide angle lens for our cameras, which would make those photos so dope.

Okay that’s really all. On to the photos.

DSC_1765 DSC_1769  DSC_1785   DSC_1825 DSC_1880 DSC_1895 DSC_1905

DSC_1800 DSC_1918




Hey I Have Those Symptoms Too!

So I had a long conversation with someone I know very little yesterday. An acquaintance I guess. Not like me, right? I’m like Hello Hypomania, you’re making me chatty pants today huh? I went with it. We talked about all these things. He’s a cool dude with lots of interesting insight. I even found myself explaining my bipolar. I said, hey, it’s so weird I’m talking to you, I don’t do this because bipolar and anxiety explanation etc. He said, that’s surprising. And I said, lemme just tell you what bipolar really means and then you can see what you think. And like so many people I have told, he’s all Hey I’ve got those symptoms too! And I said, slow it down bro, lemme explain a little more. Because everyone has ups and downs and a lot of people have really low moments. But bipolar, to me, makes me like, Hey life, you’re doing it wrong.

At the end of the conversation he invited me to hang out with him and his friends at a little Drink Tea and Watch Star Trek gathering they host. So nerdy that I couldn’t say no. I could go too, probably, in the state I’m in now. I’ve been just teeming with energy. But will it last? Will I actually be able to do something so daring and anxiety riddled as having a new friend? I have absolutely no way of knowing.

In other hypomanic news, on Wednesday with all my energy and not-wanting-to-sit-at-home-ness, I drove about an hour away to hang out with Mom for a sewing lesson. We’re making the A Beautiful Mess plush mermaid doll they posted a few days ago on their blog. It was very tedious work and I got bored with it a few times but alas, the machine sewing of the doll is completed and now the even more tedious fun stuff of hand sewing begins. I’m going to hang out with her again today to hopefully finish up my doll. Wish me luck!

Also, don’t forgot that NaNoWriMo starts in just two days! You should do it!

Flashback Friday: Movie & TV Costumes

daryl the walking dead costume

Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, 2013. We didn’t go anywhere this year although I did up my best Daryl costume.  Most of it I either had or was easy to find. The hardest part actually, and most expensive, was the squirrels. The only place I could find them was in a pet section of a store. I didn’t have a crossbow, but I did very carefully cut up a pair of pants to match Daryl’s pants. I wish I had a photo of the full look, I thought it turned out pretty well. Although my students in class (I wore it to class) thought I was dressed as a lesbian biker.

daria halloween costume

Daria, 2012 and 2007. I think Daria really shaped by childhood as I was growing up, so it’s only fitting I have a Daria costume in my arsenal. I originally wore it in 2007 and it wasn’t as good. The hair was better but I had weird giant glasses that I had to pop the lenses out of and a really terrible olive green hoodie. We lucked into this green track jacket at a thrift store months before I even thought about doing this costume again. It’s still not exactly right, but I still love it. This skirt also doubles as part of my Hogwarts wizard gear.

Risky Business halloween costume

Tom Cruise from Risky Business, 2011. My riskiest (ha!) costume ever. No pants. No shoes. I didn’t even carry shoes with me and take them off and I’m not wearing bicycle shorts or something under my shirt, I went all in with briefs like he wears in the movie – I just happen to be wearing three pairs of them. lol. And two or three pairs of socks I believe, for cushion. And I did walk around downtown with just the socks on. Pretty proud of this one. I don’t know if I would have been allowed into any bars without shoes though, but I didn’t try to go so it wasn’t an issue.

So that’s my full costume roundup! Thanks for following along throughout the month and happy costuming!

Any Day Can Be Day One

Yesterday I used our slightly dusty juicer to make beet juice for breakfast. It got me thinking that any day can be the first day you start something new. Recently I picked up my camera and started taking photos again. Obviously you can tell, from the over abundance of photo posts in recent weeks. But now that I’ve started, I don’t want to stop. I never thought I would be able to be that girl taking photos all the time again but here I am doing it. It’s a great feeling. My mood has been very up lately, and that has helped. I don’t know if a crash is in my future, but I know it’s a distinct possibility. But even if I do, even if everything falls apart like it does, I know that any day can be day one again. Day one of actually taking a shower every day or of taking photos or just day one of feeling better.

I did something I never thought I’d do recently – I applied for disability. I know nothing about what getting disability would mean in the long run but I do know I’m not working full time now and it’s because of my illness. Money is tight. Anything would help us tremendously. I don’t know if I’ll be approved, I have no clue how difficult it is to get disability with a mental illness. But my app is in.

I did something else new for me right now yesterday – I cut myself bangs again. Photo forthcoming, I didn’t fix my hair so it’s a curly mess right now. I know it’s small, but it’s something I hadn’t done in a long time. I think I had been letting my hair just grow and only cutting long layers for about two years. It was just easier that way since I don’t fix my hair any more. Every other day I have a hair-up day where I don’t even wash my hair and I just wear it in a bun. I really stopped caring what I look like. And I would like to care again. Even if it means I have to fix bangs every day or every other day. So here’s to another day one of something new.

I have one more day one, a big one, that starts in t-minus four days. That is NaNoWriMo, which I posted about here, and I’m really nervous. I’ve been very good about blogging consistently and almost every day, and it’s been sort of a prep for NaNo, but still, posting 100 word count photo blogs is significantly different than writing 1,667 words of fiction every day. I have a feeling I will spend a lot of time sipping coffee and staring at my computer screen. I still have no idea what my story will consist of, but I guess I have time to consider it.

Okay, I think that’s all I have to say. Of course, I would love to hear if you have any day ones that you have started or are starting soon.

Frivolous Wants: Halloween Edition

Frivolous wants! Things I would buy if I just had money to blow in a big way. It’s fun to dream. I know I said Halloween edition as if this is something I’ve done before, but I may do it again cause hey, shopping online is fun. I know this is something a lot of bloggers do, these here’s-random-stuff-I-found-shopping posts, but I always like reading them so I thought it would be fun to try. Enjoy!

The Great Northern Twin Peaks Keyring by Greenwich letterpress

Who killed Laura Palmer? I just watched Twin Peaks in the last year so I am all over this key ring. From Greenwich Letterpress.

embossed rolling pin skull rose from rainbow rolling pins

They had so many of these super cool embossing rolling pins, I seriously couldn’t choose, so I went with the one I initially found, this one with skulls and roses. From Rainbow Rolling Pins. 

torrid skeleton gloves

I have a pair of these somewhere, but they’re child size. I love that these seem like they have the touch-screen fingertips. From Torrid.

Not Today Pin by Hello Holiday

I had to include a lapel pin since they’re all the rage right now and I wanted to browse them. This one is too me. From Hello Holiday.

skeleton claddagh ring by patrickburt

I love claddagh rings. From PatrickBurt.

Torrid skull print jogger pants

I’ve been looking for workout pants because we’re going to (fingers crossed) start working out again soon and I love these. From Torrid.

I Don't Like Normal Things coffee mug

Inspired by the younger girl from the first season of American Horror Story. Had to include even though it’s from my shop. I don’t have one in my own cabinet but I should. From Quirky Mugs.

Torrid skull and bones skater dress

I really tend toward vintage or thrifted dresses, I don’t think I’ve bought a new one in years and years, but this dress is super cool. From Torrid.

people to kill notebook by hello holiday

Okay so this book would really get some funny looks but come on. From Hello Holiday.

clockwork orange sweatshirt by out of print clothing

A real horrorshow. From Out of Print Clothing.

Abandoned No. 2 | Burnt

We drove and drove Sunday and found lots of cool stuff, but this house, which I only have the one shot of, was creepy. It was burned out, to start. We turned around to take a photo anyway, just from the car, but we’d been driving for a long time and my battery suddenly died. No shot. Then Nicole tried to take one with her iPhone and what to you know, her phone snapped the pic then shut down the camera without taking the shot. I ended up taking my battery out and putting it back in and getting a few snaps of the house after all. But we thought it was like the house didn’t want us taking photos of it. Strange right?

What happened in this house?

burned down abandoned house

Pets & Pumpkins

I know Monday is a tough day for many, so I thought it would be the perfect day to share dogs in their Halloween costumes from the local Pets & Pumpkins Festival I went to on the 17th. We won’t be dressing our dogs up unfortunately, they don’t really like it and a costume for Belle would be really expensive and hard to find cause she’s so giant. But it was fun to see other dogs in their costumes.

Enjoy the pups!



This pup had Little Red Riding Hood with him/her. I wish I could have gotten a shot of both of them, it was super cute and also very impressive that the dog didn’t mind those glasses. Definitely my favorite costume.


This was my second favorite costume after the above. Three-legged dog with a peg leg in a pirate costume? I mean, come on.



Hamburger and taco costumes were quite popular.

DSC_1141 DSC_1142

This Olaf pup had Anna with him/her. Another missed opportunity.

DSC_1143  DSC_1149

This was a really popular costume, I saw so many of these and each were just as creepy as the last.


So do you strap a Halloween costume on your dog? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it.

Sounds of Sunday: Halloween Playlist

This week I’ve done something a little different and made a whole entire playlist of songs I find are appropriate for Halloween. Now, I have to say this list is not comprehensive of every song I think is cool around this time of year, but it is unique in that it includes songs that don’t scream Halloween at you. No Monster Mash or Thriller is basically what I’m saying. The playlist was made on Spotify and if you don’t already use it, you can sign up for free to stream music anytime and make playlists and fun stuff. I honestly haven’t used it in a really long time but I found some favorite music on there that I had forgotten about when I opened it to do this post. If you don’t feel like investing in a whole playlist, I of course am including a few YouTube vids of two songs from the list here for you to listen to as well.

Happy Halloween!

Click here to listen to the whole playlist on Spotify, which includes the following songs:

  1. Love Me Dead – Ludo
  2. Shankill Butchers – The Decemberists
  3. Buried A Lie – Senses Fail
  4. My Chick Bad – Ludacris
  5. Sadie – Alkaline Trio
  6. 9 Crimes – Damien Rice
  7. Dead – My Chemical Romance
  8. Barracuda – Heart
  9. Radio – Alkaline Trio
  10. Sumthin Wicked This Way Comes – TLC

And for your viewing pleasure:

Love Me Dead – Ludo

9 Crimes – Damien Rice

Driving Through Depression No. 2

So we drive as a coping skill for depression. Some of these photos are from the drive where we found the abandoned house, namely the photos of the cows. It was pretty funny, Nicole kept stopping (very safely, mind you, with no cars coming) in the road to talk to the cows and give me time to photograph. I said it was like we were on a cow safari.

I encourage you to do some driving and photoing (safely, of course) as a coping skill if you’ve never tried. Post some photos and leave a link, I want to see!

DSC_1046 DSC_1055 DSC_1068 DSC_1077 DSC_1186 DSC_1196 DSC_1201 DSC_1208 DSC_1254

Work Day

So I work at a small local shop that repairs sewing machines. My mom, a seamstress, made friends with the owner and started working here repairing machines, and she got me in just watching the shop when they need someone here. Today is one of those days. They just opened a new shop in a nearby town about 45 minutes away and the grand opening is today and tomorrow, so I’m here for a few days.

It’s the easiest job in the world, very low stress, which is perfect for me. Mostly I’m just taking in machines for repair and ringing up people who pick up their machines. I unfortunately don’t know how to sew or I could probably be actually repairing machines as well. Or even sewing while I’m here, for that matter.

But today I’m here, just hanging out, writing blog posts to pass the time.


So here’s me in the shop, in my super snazzy work attire. I could dress up but I’m lugging machines around so I usually try to be comfy. And I just bought this sweatshirt so I wanted to wear it… Washington DC Metro sweatshirt/thrifted. Jeggings/Torrid. Shoes/Converse.

There are so many machines in this joint. Here’s one I found in a thrift store and snagged up to be fixed and resold. It’s $400 and we can ship it if anyone is in the market for a Bernina 117-K. lol.

bernina 117-k


My little work space, complete with #pumpkinspice coffee.

I’m in very good spirits today, although Nicole has some shenanigans going on at work today I know so I’m a little worried about her. I also had an unfortunate afternoon slump situation where I definitely almost fell asleep sitting in my chair. Luckily the phone woke me up. I’m sitting in a rocking chair. It’s comfy, what can I say. But I had sushi for lunch and it’s been a good uneventful day.

blue converse