A New Intro


My name is Carly.  That is my real name, and I post it with real pictures of myself because I don’t care to be anonymous.  I have Bipolar II Disorder and that is the main focus of this blog.  It mostly manifests as angry bipolar depression.  I am very rarely hypomanic, but I do think I have mixed episodes at times.  My biggest struggle is with doing things, doing anything. Also criticizing myself.

I am married to my awesome wife Nicole, who supports me in everything except my disdain of housework.  I think she thinks that is my worst quality, which all things considered, is a very good thing.  We live in Missouri.

DSC_8774I recently quit my ‘normal’ job to work from home as a reseller.  I sell online on Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.  It is simultaneously easier and much harder than my call center job was.  It can be more stressful, but easier to manage because I have a lot more control over that stress.  I also teach at the university as per course faculty, which starts back up in a few weeks.  I’ll be teaching a course on Electronic Music, which I’ve taught once in the past and I’m pretty excited but also anxious to do it again.

I have a ton of hobbies that I start and stop and start again, maybe some of you can relate.  When I am on the wagon, so to speak, I like crocheting amigurumi, drawing people with cartoon animal heads, reading young adult fiction, photography, crossword puzzles and folding paper cranes.  Lately though my only hobby has been watching a lot of Netflix.  We don’t have cable at my house and I don’t miss it at all.  We do have a garden that I don’t tend properly.

IMG_0668I have always blogged for as long as I can remember.  Anyone remember Xanga?  Does that even exist anymore?  When I was in college, all of my friends and I were on there, posting away about our lives and our feelings.  Then Facebook became popular and all the blogging stopped.  I guess I have always liked the idea of sharing what’s in my head with other people, even as a kid.  And now that I’ve been blogging more regularly and reading other people’s blogs who also have bipolar or depression, it really helps me.  I don’t feel so broken and alone.  So that’s the reason I do this I suppose.  The community that other people have built gives me hope and I want to be a part of it.


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