Model Anxiety


I talked in my last post about my dreams of being a professional reseller.  Well, that has to include stepping up my game on Etsy, which is my first love.  I currently sell mugs and clothing.  But clothing has something like an 80% higher chance of selling if it is modeled by an actual person and not just hanging or on a dress form.  Currently, I use two dress forms, one large and one small (Thelma and Louise I call them.)  I have a mannequin but she doesn’t have a stand so she’s just a mess to use.  So the point is I need models, something I’ve known for a very long time.  I’ve talked to people about doing it in the past but just never went through with it.  So I took a leap and put up a Craigslist ad.  I’ve had a lot of responses, more than I expected.  Mostly women but a few men as well (I have menswear as well.)

Just talking to these people via email gives me anxiety.  Then I have to meet them, then style and photograph them.  I want it to be easy and fun but it’s going to be hard work just to show up.  I’m trying to look far far into the future when, if I can get my anxiety away from this, it will just be something that I do that is comfortable.  But I’m trying to be considerate of my feelings.  I might find some great people and they might be great to work with but it still might be something that makes me uncomfortable.  I’ve done it before though, I was a photographer before, and I’m trying to be confident that I can do it again.

I figure the more I plan this, the less things are left up to chance and the more control I have, the less I will feel anxious.  So I do have a location scouted and confirmed, a neutral place that’s not my house where I normally take my photos.  I’m also thinking that in the beginning I will focus just on doing the exact same thing I do currently with clothing on dress forms and not worry about styling very much.  That’s something that can happen later if I get more comfortable.  I mean, these aren’t exactly editorial shoots out in the desert with elephants and ponies.  I can make it as easy or as difficult as I want.

So anyways, I have my first appointment with a potential model on Sunday at 3.  Wish me luck!

*Note: the featured image is the reason I do not do my own modeling.  :)


My New Profession: Treasure Hunter

I have started a new business venture.  I’ve been working on it since the end of May. The new party is Amazon FBA, which means Fulfillment by Amazon.  It basically means I send inventory in to Amazon, which I list for sale, they store it and then when one of my items sells they pack it and ship it for me.  It’s a pretty sweet deal and already I’m at 70% of my sales goal for the month of June and it’s only halfway through the month.  Yes I have sales goals and spreadsheets and clipboards of lists of inventory.  It’s all very official and exciting and I love it.  I’ve always liked hunting for things to buy and sell but I only sold on Etsy before.  And I just bought quirky things that can sell but not quickly.  Amazon is very different, it’s completely different items and it is such a broad, expansive marketplace that it really opens a big door for being a reseller.  And I’m working hard to push that door open as far as possible.  I’m working really hard in general, which is a big deal for me.  My goal is to replace my income by the end of the year.  I’m realistic about this – no hypomania here.  I know it is going to take time.  We also have a booth at a flea market, we’ve had it for a long time but we’re stepping up our game there too, and I’m looking into Ebay.  So really, I’m becoming a professional treasure hunter.  Reseller technically, but treasure hunter sounds so much more fun.

I am leaving my call center job.  After being in the hospital, I just was never comfortable there again.  And although the act of leaving gives me anxiety, I feel so much better knowing I don’t have to go back.  I don’t care if I have to work morning to night learning this new trade, I am going to do it and I am going to be so much happier.  It really is different when you’re doing something you love.  It’s embarrassing to say but I’ve never worked this hard for something before unless someone else was telling me to do it.  I’ve never had this kind of drive before.  It’s an amazing feeling.  I want to succeed for me and my family, not to earn a degree or a paycheck but because I want to succeed.

And now for fun, some vintage treasures.