Those Who Arrive Survive

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead while I do stuff and things around the house (it’s one of my favorite shows) and it just gets me thinking about how I would function in an apocalypse situation.  I mean, eventually I would just have to get by without medication assuming I lived to that point.  But after that, would I just learn to deal?  I know people are able to handle life without medication, but here in the early stages of my recovery I’m pretty dependent on it.  Plus in the Walking Dead it feels like every three episodes they are running into someone who has committed suicide in the face of their new world.  That’s something I’m concerned about happening in my regular easy life.  Maybe my dealing with those feeling already would give me an advantage. I like to think I would be like Carol in the apocalypse though, starting out really meek and then just like kicking ass and being the right kind of crazy.

In other Walking Dead news, Nicole got me these Walking Dead mystery toys and I actually got good ones, including Rick and Daryl!  She said she just ‘had a good feeling’ about them.



Effexor Withdrawal

I have now been off of Effexor for 40 days (wow) and my withdrawal symptoms are gone.  The only thing I ever felt was a weird shock-like sensation in my head and a general fogginess.  As in, when I would turn my head to look to the left, it was like my brain was delayed in recognizing that I had turned my head and would adjust afterward.  Very odd sensation, and not pleasant.  Leads to a lot of awkward head shaking.

I love the site Crazy Meds – they take that paperwork from the pharmacist (which trust me, I read multiple times) and put it into pretty comical real-world terms.  They had the first article I read saying getting off Effexor is difficult and has to be done slowly, mentioning the possibility you may feel like you’re wearing an electric eel for a hat.   I read a lot of other comments around from real people who had been on Effexor, and needless to say I became terrified after hearing of people who weren’t even able to come all the way off the medication.  And then, low and behold, I had nothing to worry about.

I did not wean off of Effexor slowly as is usually suggested, I went from 125 mg to 37.5 mg in seven days but I was in the hospital being monitored and there were extenuating circumstances.  When when they sent me home there was no Effexor on my list of meds anymore.  I was really concerned then, because I was having the shock-like sensation.  It was bad for about a week and then it was gone.  I get the same fogginess I mentioned earlier but I think that’s my current meds (Depakote, Abilify and Zoloft.)

Anyone else have the electric eel experience that is Effexor?

Dear 2004, I miss you

Anyone else remember pre-social media times when something would happen that you had to write a blog about and so you would rush home after work or school and write with a fury?  I’m sure that’s how good bloggers are but I got swept up in social media.  I immediately think I should just photograph then Instagram anything that happens, or tweet about it, or whatever other thing.  And it doesn’t even mean I post it, I just think that I should but half the time I don’t.  I miss actually thinking about things that happen in more than 140 characters.  I need to get back to how I treated the internet in 2004.  Just minus the SLR and flip phone.

May The Fourth Be With You

Today is Intergalactic Star Wars Day.  We’re having Star Wars themed dress down at work, which is pretty cool.  In honor, here’s a cool Star Wars purse my mom made out of an old t-shirt, cause that’s one of her many talents.  I was photographing them that day to post to her Etsy store.